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Why Make Branded Banners Part of Your Yearly Marketing Budget

Are you a small or large business searching for a creative and unique way to get your brand noticed? Today, business is tough. In fact, according to research, business is so tough that around 80% of start-ups are forced to close their doors each year. In a world where there are at least ten other competitors on your heels, it makes no difference if your product or service is better than theirs, it is all about brand recognition, which is why branded banners are so popular.

The Power of Visual Branded Banners

Take a moment to think about what differentiates your brand from your competitors. Is it your products or services, is it your image, is it your values, or is it what you stand for? As one of the leading activation agencies, we’re here to tell you that it’s none of the above. The business landscape as we knew it has changed, and in a market flooded with products and services just like yours, it is no longer about whose products, services or values are the best. Today, it is all about who shouts the loudest.

Your brand is the foundation of who you are and how you want your target market to perceive you, and if there is one thing you need to get right, it is brand recognition. In fact, the success of your business depends on it. While there are many ways of getting your brand out on the streets, branded banners are the first choice of marketing for many businesses.

Here is how branded banners can boost brand recognition and increase your sales…

Visual Branded Banners Never Fails in Grabbing Attention

Considered as the defining factor that distinguishes your brand from all your competitors, and as the face of your campaign, your brand needs to be bold, strong, and powerful. When your banner is placed in the right hotspots, these powerful marketing tools act as a constant reminder to the public, which subconsciously makes people think of your brand every time they drive past it. In fact, statistics by “Visual Teaching Alliance” revealed that the brain conceives visuals faster than any type of content and that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. To be precise, the brain processes visuals 60 000 times faster than text.

Branded Banners are the Most Affordable Way to Attract Attention

With disruptive technology overtaking the retail game, this means that you need to find more innovative ways to get as much exposure as you can get, and nothing does this better than innovative visual branded banners. As the first choice of business marketing, not only will your banners be your greatest salesmen, but they work 24 hours a day, for FREE!

Now, we know what you are thinking…and you are 100% right. Today, nothing is free. However, when you compare the price of branding 10 banners to spending thousands on media and publication advertising, branded banners win hands down. A prize-winning marketing genius used at exhibitions, trade shows, malls, retail stores, along highways, under bridges, and just about anywhere you want to market your brand, when you invest in branded banners, you are investing in FREE advertising that lasts 24/7/365.

Your brand is your biggest selling point, and if you have been in retail long enough, you will also know that in the world of marketing, visuals trump text. To stand out and shout the loudest, your branded banners need to make a powerful presence, and that is where we step forward.

Boost Your Brand and Sales with BrandUnlimited

Established in 2009, BrandUnlimited is one of the leading brand activation agencies in Gauteng. Proud to be a reputable below-the-line agency that is leading the way in the field of experiential marketing, we are well-known for bringing brands to life. Driven by engaging campaigns that ensure brands get seen and remembered by their specific target market, we are the masters at conceptualising, designing, and branding.

At BrandUnlimited, we understand that your brand is your greatest asset, and we also understand the power of visual marketing. People don’t want to see a logo, they want a creative and unique experience that will “wow” them, and that is what we give them. Through innovative concepts that grab attention, not only can we help you capture the eyes of your target market, but we can ensure that your branded banners will be remembered for all the right reasons.

Don’t throw your marketing budget away on conventional advertising, but instead call upon our expertise to help increase your brand awareness. We will ensure that your branded banners attract attention, not to mention better sales.