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Top Reasons to Make Event Banners Part of Your Annual Marketing Budget

Are you looking to boost your brand at trade shows, exhibitions, or presentations? In today’s competitive marketplace, most businesses must do their best to attract prospective clients that walk past their exhibition booth or pop-up shop. Without a visually appealing, informative, and well-designed banner, even the most expensive booths can fail to deliver results. In today’s cut-throat retail environment, rife competition is a given. And, truth be told, being a small business in today's economy can be tough. While it’s the objective of every entrepreneur to succeed, things don’t always go according to plan in an over-crowded marketplace such as ours.

A Large Percentage of New Businesses in South Africa Fail

It is a well-known fact that small to medium enterprises create around two thirds of new jobs annually. Unfortunately, most of these small to medium businesses don’t last very long. In fact, according to research, about five out of seven new businesses are forced to close their doors each year. These figures tell us that it makes little difference whether you have a brilliant service or product; with competitors hot on your heels, and in a weak economy, it takes a lot more than just having the best product or service to survive and thrive. But what if we told you that you could be missing out on a major opportunity, an opportunity that can get you noticed at a minimal cost? We’re talking about event banners.

Today, successful marketing is all about who shouts the loudest, which is why your brand needs as much exposure as it can get. Your brand is your biggest selling point, which is why you need to market it well. One type of marketing tool that never fails to make its voice heard is event banners. As the first marketing choice for many businesses on the tradeshow and expo circuit, here’s why you should make these superstar marketing tools a big part of your marketing budget.

Event Banners Can Be Your Greatest Salesmen

Although the marketing landscape has evolved over the past few years, banners remain a most effective way to get your message out on the streets. As the most dependable marketing tool for many businesses, these powerful marketing tools can be your greatest salespeople. In fact, not only are banners excellent salespeople, but they also work for free!

Event Banners are Cost-Effective

Today, marketing can run up huge annual budgets, and if you’re a small business spending huge amounts on print and media marketing, you might have been throwing your money away. Did you know that more than 70% of all print advertising gets tossed out before it’s even read? Fortunately, banners are inexpensive to produce, and for as long as your branded event banners are standing proud or flying high, your brand is permanently visible, marketing your brand for free. So, ask yourself: what should you rather invest in, print media or branded event banners?

Event Banners Are Especially Useful for Targeted Marketing

Whether your banner is flying high at a tradeshow, as a sponsor at an event, or even outside your business premises, you’re guaranteed to attract the right target market. Every retailer will agree that there is nothing worse than wasting money and energy on customers that have no interest in your product or service. The great thing about event banners is that they send your customers to you.

Repetition Equals Effectiveness

Just like any business, your main objective is to maximise brand visibility and bring in sales, and one sure-fire way of doing this is with the use of branded event banners. Signage is a huge part of 21st-century living – whether we’re conscious of it or not. We all notice signage. But when coupled with a colourful or interesting logo and a message that can be seen loud and clear, your banner will continue to bolster your message each time it is seen, especially if placed in high-traffic areas.

So, there you have some persuasive reasons to make event banners part of your monthly budget. Now your next step is to choose a reliable activation agency that can deliver variety and quality. That can be found at Brand Unlimited. We are leaders in influencing the customer’s behaviour – and the right experts to talk to.