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Corporate Gifting Ideas

Being in the corporate world, we find that branding is a very important aspect for all companies. Having a unique and recognisable brand is the first step to breaking into the market and establishing your brand. Branding gifts is a great way to implement corporate gifting, as it serves as brand activation and marketing in the end.

Most of the big companies run their own branded gifts sections to allow their employees to order and buy branded products anytime they want, thus exposing their marketing to the immediate public in a sense. Other companies run promotional campaigns, also using branded corporate gifting to its full potential, and spreading their brand to everyone attending their events or ordering their products.

Regardless of what your reason is for using branded gifts, it is important to select the right products to brand. You want people to find these products appealing and useful to them, otherwise they will only end up in the trash after some brief admiration. If at all possible, you should brand very unique and long-lasting products that can showcase what your company is all about, without forcing the point. For example, if you are a car dealer, a great corporate gift would be a key ring in the shape of a car key with your brand and contact information on it.

Choosing the Right Product

As mentioned before, the right product will serve your branded gifts campaign better than using generic products for branding. Let us begin with the basics, and work up to the more detailed areas. The first step would be to state what kind of company you are. Let’s say that you are a travel agency, for a simple example.

Being a travel agency, you will most likely have established your brand already, and if this is not the case, you would like to spread brand awareness as far as humanly possible. Choosing the right branded gifts for your next campaign will depend on two main factors. Firstly, you do not want to repeat your previous choice of product, except if it was a big success and people demanded more. Secondly, you will want to impress with something unique.

For the example’s sake, let’s say you did branded luggage tags for your previous campaign. They were handed out to customers with every flight booking you made per customer, and the luggage tags had a pretty successful run. Now, you want to move onto something better, with branded travelling bags being a viable option. Although it might work out to be more expensive than the luggage tags, you want to give your customers a product that they can use every time they get on a plane.

Now that you have decided on travelling bags as your branded gifts, you need to pick the right style of bag – one that will appeal to the general public – since most people will enjoy the simple pleasures of travelling at some point in their lives. Colour is as important as the style of the bag itself, as some people connect to a product when that product is in their favourite colour. Thus, choosing the right travelling bag also means that you need to choose a product with a wide range of colours available.

Speaking of which, you would want a product that fits your company and brand’s colour scheme as well. You will never see a Ferrari-branded product being predominantly green, because Ferrari does not do green on their cars or corporate identity. Their main colour is red, and not just any red. Having a unique red colour is one of the reasons why Ferrari is the most popular brand in the world.

With Brand Unlimited, you will be spoilt for choice with our wide range of different branded gifts, which includes a range of travelling bags in an assortment of colours to fit your brand perfectly, should you find the need for branded travelling bags to add to your next branded gifting campaign. On our website, you will find our catalogues that will conveniently open in your browser for you to scroll through, without having to wait for a long download to access our products.

If you need any information, feel free to fill out the contact form, or contact us directly today.