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Let My Banners Show My Colours

Since the beginning of intelligent civilisation, branded banners have been used to identify different factions, families, countries and clans. Although most of them used flags when travelling, they would resort to using branded banners to hang on the outside of castles, houses, and other building structures, indicating who occupied the structure. Even though their versions of branded banners looked quite different to what we use today, the concept is the same – giving their brand the platform to be seen by everyone.

Taking a ride back to the future, to where we are today, we see that the use of banners is all over the marketing sector. By having such an assortment of different banner options to our disposal, the possibilities are endless – you can have anything from a simple banner that hangs from a merchandise tent, to a branded banner that gets pulled by an airplane! Mostly, branded banners are used for outdoor events, but they are also very handy and viable for the indoor occasions.

Why should I use branded banners?

To have a corporate identity, or a well-recognised brand means that you need to show the people who you are and where they can find you. Imagine walking around at a corporate event filled with stands, and none of them have a banner telling you who they are. You would end up asking everyone for their company’s name and what they offer. This is where branded banners come in.

With a banner, you can easily convey all the basic information about your company, what you offer, and how people can contact you, should they be interested. Apart from the obvious brand name or corporate identity, a branded banner can offer so much more. It is all about how you decide to use banners to your advantage, and who gets to see them.

Where can I place these banners?

Now that you have decided to use branded banners, the location is the next thing we need to focus on. In most cases, these banners are used for events and to advertise promotions, and should be placed where your target audience will be able to see them on a frequent and unobstructed basis. This will lead to people reacting to your banners, if they are interested in what your banners are showing them. Again, this is why the content is so important.

Sometimes, you find permanent branded banners being used by certain shops to tell people about certain special offers they are running for a limited period. This is especially the case with restaurants. You might casually walk past these banners, but never underestimate their power. If you saw a banner that shows you a very delicious lunch special being run by the restaurant in the same office block you are working in, you might find yourself thinking about that lunch special and trying it out later in the week. This is called a conversion – where the branded banner led to business for that restaurant. This seems like a very simplistic example, but the effectiveness of branded banners is applicable in every sector of business.

Who can help me with my own branded banners?

Brand Unlimited is a branding and brand activation agency that can design your banners, as well as your brand or corporate identity, should you need one or opt for a new one. We also offer our twenty years of experience of being in the marketing industry to you in the form of brand activation campaigns, branding support and management, and branded products – offering the best the market has to offer, with a wide range of products for you to choose from.

Choose Brand Unlimited today for the best and most hassle-free experience. Let us take care of your branded banners for you by not only providing them, but also giving you the right strategy for using them. The branding industry can be very daunting, and you could end up wasting your money if you do not execute your branding with the right strategies in place.

For any information and enquiries, feel free to fill in our contact form on our website, or contact us directly, and we will take care of your branding.