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Looking for the Best Brand Activation Companies? Choose Brand Unlimited!

“Have you seen the latest release?” “Have you tasted the new flavour?” These are the kinds of questions that brand activations are designed to get people asking each other. If you want to create a hype and get people asking questions or telling others about what they thought of your product, you’ve got to activate your brand, and that’s where brand activation companies, such as Brand Unlimited, come in.

What is really involved when it comes to creating an experience for the consumer? Creating a customer experience is about more than just setting up a tasting table with a “try me” poster plucked above it. Customer experiences are about the whole package. It’s about giving the customer something to spark an interest, allowing them to try it, and then actually discussing it with them. It’s important to hear what the customer has to say, and to make them feel as if they are completely included and important in the experience. That’s what gets them talking to others about the good points of your products and services.

Don’t Hire the Wrong Brand Activation Companies

We have all probably seen hopeless attempts at brand activations in local grocery stores. These usually involve a young lady dressed in branded gear, standing aimlessly in an isle near products, simply waiting for her hours on the clock to pass by. If that’s the type of brand activation you are looking for, you have come to the wrong place. At Brand Unlimited, our activations are exceptional. We create an entire experience for the customer, and our team members, on every level from the conceptualisers, to those who will interact with the crowd, are enthusiastic and dedicated to getting the job done right the first time.

Making an impression on your target audience simply won’t be easier with any other brand activation companies in your area. We strongly believe in the skills and strategies of our team, and we have a myriad of major brands as part of our existing customer base. Who do we provide marketing services to? You will find that Coca-Cola, Barloworld, Bosch, Sony, Nando’s, FNB, Greenpeace, IBM, De Beers, and similar big-name brands make use of our services at Brand Unlimited, and we are proud that they have trusted us with their marketing needs.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Brand Activation Companies

Brand Unlimited is not just another one of the many marketing companies trying to make it to the top. Our track record speaks for itself and is a testament to just how effective our campaigns are. As a team, we pride ourselves on delivering a creative, strategic, and well-thought-out brand campaigns that connect the right people to your brand and products. Our campaigns are designed to bring your brand to life in such a way that consumers will remember it positively (and of course, spread the word).

Our first step is to listen to your needs and learn more about your brand and product range. We will then create a brand strategy which will be approved by you, and be transformed into a meticulously well-executed campaign that will leave you and your consumers feeling good about your brand, products, and the type of participation enjoyed. Some of our most effective brand activations are simple, yet clever, and that’s what sets us apart from many other brand activation companies in the country. We get to the core of your business, and deliver a message and experience that’s hard to ignore. We become as passionate about your brand and business as you are. And that makes all the difference. As a team, we have a reputation for being reliable and offering a good turnaround time on activations and campaigns.

Contact Brand Unlimited & Get Your Brand & Products Out There Today

If you have been looking for a way in which to involve your customers more, and get them talking about your brand and products, give them an experience that they won’t be able to forget. Brand Unlimited can assist in absolutely every way. To discuss the various options and brand activation potentials, contact us via email or telephone today, and we will be happy to assist.