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How a Brand Activation Agency Can Bring Your Brand to Life

Have you just launched your own business or are you desperately trying to get your brand noticed? Unfortunately, the market has never been so overcrowded and competitive. So, if you want to outshine your online and in-store competitors and increase traffic and sales, then you need to do more than just provide an excellent product or service.

Stronger Brands Means Better Sales

Just like every business, your main objective is to maximise brand visibility and better sales, but do you even know how much your brand is worth or, more importantly, does your target market even know that your brand exists? When it comes to business, your brand is everything – not only is it your biggest selling point, but it needs as much exposure as it can get. Whether new, old, small or in between, if you want to outshine your competitors, then you need to achieve brand awareness amongst your target audience.


How Does One Do This?

If you want to give life to your brand, then one good place to start is to hire an agency specialising in brand activation. The agency can then come up with creative ways to develop brand awareness.


About BrandUnlimited

We, at BrandUnlimited, are proud to be a leading brand activation agency that delivers strategic and innovative campaigns that connect people to brands. Long gone are the days of below- and above-the-line advertising. Today’s consumers want to be dazzled and bowled over, and just as consumer behaviour has changed, your selling behaviour should change too.

While you could examine your price strategy, spend more money on advertising, or improve the efficiency of your sales team, none of the above is going to make a difference if you don’t have a strategy in place. In this volatile landscape, with consumers savvier and more well-informed than ever before, retailers need to innovate, get creative and offer an experience.

Yes, today’s consumers don’t want the norm, they want a personalised experience. In fact, in a world where retail has been shaken up by disruptive technology, 85% of consumers still prefer to shop in-store, and this figure is driven by a desire to be able to see, touch, and smell the physical product before purchasing.

At BrandUnlimited, we recognise and appreciate this, and this is where we can help you outrival your competitors. Our team creates strategic, creative, innovative, and well-executed brand campaigns that connect people to brands. It is time to face the fact that the retail world has changed. In fact, today’s consumers have never been fickler, and in today's volatile economic climate, you need to do everything you can to earn their trust. You basically have 30 seconds to grab a passerby’s attention, and this is where a brand activation agency such as BrandUnlimited, can deliver.

In operation for nearly 20 years, we have plenty of experience in understanding consumer needs and wants - and what consumers want is an experience, not just a fancy ad and a price tag. Leaders in translating brand strategies into well-executed campaigns, not only do we find creative ways to bring your brand to life, but we are renowned for our consistency, quick turnaround times, and value for money. As a brand activation agency that delivers, here is at least one of the many ways we can bring your brand to life…

We Create Store Spaces That Encourage Buying

Today, retail is all about pleasing the customer and getting them to return to your store. At BrandUnlimited, we recognise the demand for high-impact experiential environments and find creative and practical solutions to make your brand unforgettable.

Combining creativity, efficiency, functionality, originality and quality with cognitive and effective approaches to in-store design and visual merchandising, we can help you increase your brand’s presence and exposure by utilising the correct branding/signage and graphics to communicate to the customer.

In today’s world, old-fashioned marketing tactics simply don’t work, so in order to take full advantage, a big splash is necessary. Leading the way in quality branding, exhibition and display – if you are a retailer opening a new store or giving your existing store a facelift, then grab attention and attract customers with BrandUnlimited. Whatever your budget, your brand’s values or business goals, our brand activation agency will bring your brand to life.