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Unlimited Branding, Activate!

Successful companies, institutions, artists, communities and manufacturers all have one big thing in common – their own unique brand. Big names like Coca-Cola and Ferrari will pop into mind when referring to any type of brand, as Coca-Cola showed the world what is possible through proper marketing and a very good brand activation agency to do it for you. They were the most popular brand world-wide, until Ferrari recently took that privilege away from them, being even more popular than brands like Apple or Samsung across the world.

Do not think for a moment that Enzo Ferrari just sat in his garage and waited for the world to see his brand, and realise the quality and power it represents, because if that was the case, the Italian brand would never have made it to the top of the world, and nobody would have known about the Prancing Horse in the hugely-popular way they know about it today. A fair question would be to ask where it all started, then. The answer is simple.


Your Very Own Brand

Having a logo designed for your marketing company, or drawing some unreadable text for your metal band does not always turn out to be your brand in the end, although it might serve as a foundation for the real brand. Having said that, your brand should always reflect what your products, your company, and you are. This sounds like a very daunting task at first, to establish what you want to represent with your brand. Just know that simplicity is key when talking about branding your company. Someone once referred to a perfect brand being something that can be drawn with a crayon by a little girl on a piece of paper to resemble that specific brand, and agreeing with this principle might not be such a bad idea for your brand.

Once you have your very own unique brand, it is time for the world to see it and experience what your brand has to offer. This is where brand activation comes in.

What is brand activation?

Brand activation is a relatively new term in the industry of marketing, and refers to a marketing discipline that has been around since the dawn of branding – the art of getting consumers to respond to your brand. A proper brand activation agency would accomplish this through brand interaction and experiences for the consumer, giving them something unique to take away from it all, and getting them to talk about and share their experiences regarding everything represented by your brand. This whole process can be referred to as a type of brand campaign, which can prove to be a very effective tool in the field of marketing.


Which agency can help my brand?

Brand Unlimited is a branding and brand activation agency that can give your brand feet to walk on and wings to fly with. We started in 1999 as an agency with a core focus on point-of-sale materials and branded goods. Since then, we have evolved into an agency that can brand just about anything and set up marketing campaigns for just about anyone. We are the full package deal for anybody trying to get their brand out there – into the world of the consumer.

Brand Unlimited offers a full range of gifting, clothing and headwear that is perfect for displaying your logo, and nothing beats that level of brand awareness when thousands of people wear your brand on their shirts or caps. Alongside the ability to brand products, we offer the ability to create your brand and market it as well. This includes anything from branding support and management, design, and brand experiences – all aimed at pushing your brand to new heights!

Never underestimate the power of proper branding, and what a solid brand activation campaign can do for your brand. Dreaming big has never been difficult, and working towards those dreams will always be commendable and rewarding. We could make your dreams come true through the power of branding!

If you have any questions about how we can help your brand today, feel free to fill in the contact form on our website, or contact us directly for further information regarding our brand activation agency and what we can offer your brand.